where's the tech?

arghh. i've been fine the last few months computerless, but i am beyond frustrated now. i'm (this) close to calling my computer guy and just buying ANOTHER powerbox (that will prob blow again within a month, mind you, but will giveme access to MY computer AT HOME for that month anyhow....) .......big red is about to visit and is not being nice on the nerve endings. the hub is driving me crazy (crazy like finger nails scraping down the chalkboard), the dog (nothing new here) is still caught in the middle of love/hate in my brain...weighing the odds of giving in and actually LIKING the dern mutt, kids......are KIDS!!! but THEY are the one (two) things that i don't really MIND driving me crazy because i luuuurve them and, well, they are kids and that's what they are supposed to do (not to mention, they poop in the pot, put their own clothes in the basket, rake their own dishes out, and give me out of the blue baby loves, so maybe that helps...) all i need 2day was to add some sort of worry to my life, the 100 house i clean for called yesterday and left a message saying "i'm on my way to the mountains and i will call you when i get back on Mondday" why did she call?? did i do something wrong?? AM I FIREDDDDDDD!??? or does she just want me to give her my amazing recipe for eggrolls??? ahhh the inner workings of a mind on the edge. now i'm dying for Mon to get here so I can call first thing that morn and not interrupt her mini-vacation. T'giving coming up and the ENTIRE in'law family is coming in.....sis inlaw wants to go to Biltmore, but i really don't want to spend 40 bucks on a big museum that i've already been to. and MIL doesn't want to go b/c it will take an ENTIRE day away from the kiddos (who she only gets to see once every 4 months or so....) (yes, the men are expected to stay here w/ them as the kids would go insane with boredom (as will i most likely)).......once again,. my worry itch has kicked in full force. although it would be cool for the kids to go to the wooden McD's w/ the "magic piano again.....hmmm
ok, i'm bored of typing so, until next time, this is Alisha, signing off for WLMTHA!!!!!! (don't ask)