My friend Stephanie (of NieNie Dialouges that I've written about) was in a plane crash two weekends ago. She and her husband are both in the hospital and have suffered severe burns as a result from the crash. I've followed Stephanies life for a long time, often envious of the sweet, charmed life that she leads....an incredible mom and woman, my heart broke when I learned of the accident. Steph and Christian have 4 beautiful children who are anxious for their parents recovery. Please take time to visit the link that I've posted to the left hand side of my blog. You can read more about Stephanie and track her recovery....as well as donate to help their family out. Please say a special prayer for them!!!

read and watched

Here's a little recap of what I've read and watched this summer, along with my personal critiques of each! After all, what good is sharing the list without sharing MY 2 cents worth??

Earlier this summer I was introduced to a series by Stephanie Meyer. I am sure you've heard of Twilight, unless you've been living under a rock! I am absolutely SMITTEN with this series. It's my new obsession, and unlike the Potter series, I don't have to wait on the next book because the series is all on shelf already!! I am on "New Moon" at the moment, trying to pace myself to finish the series around the time the movie comes out in November *yeah, who sees ME pacing myself...very funny*. Anyhow, Twilight is a phenomonal love story about a girl who falls in love with a vampire. Sounds cheesy, yes....but the story line is gripping and will tie your stomach up in gooey knots. An absolute MUST read, and you will not be sorry....but I guarantee that Edward will tie up a LOT of your dream time :)

Also, I started a new time period obsession. I've been reading more about Ancient Egypt, Nefertitti, Ramses...and a lot of old Egyptian pharoahs/gods. So when I've had TIME to read, this is what has been on my nightstand.


Sex and the City with Beth *there was a little boy sitting in front of us in between his parents....weird and pretty awkward* but the movies was great and i adored the ending!

Wall-E with the kiddos *in which I asked the ticket chick for three tickets for "waAALL-EE, please" in the characteristic WallE voice. the kids loved it and thought it was hilarious, although I am sure the girl at the ticket booth was thinking I was some freak* it was a surprisingly good movie when you think of how little speaking actually took place.

Wanted with James McAvoy and A Jolie....yum yum yummy. This movie was all about the eye candy, and I say that about BOTH of the star parts. Loved the story, packed with action, will watch it again when it's on DVD.

Journey to the Center of the Earth was ok, but I think more could have been done with it. It's one of those book to movie movies that disappoints if you've READ the book. but satisfies if you're a backwoods retard and have never read it.

Iron Man. Hallejuah, who knew Robert Downey Jr had such an incredible body!? I thought this movie would be a disappointment, like the Ben Affleck "DareDevil", but really REALLY enjoyed it!

The Dark Knight. Watched it with Biff and Coco*and pissed a crabby, lonely lady off in the process*, best movie of the summer for me:) I think it was filmed amazingly well and I loved Heath's portrayal of The Joker. Must buy this one when it's on DVD!!!

and my BIGGEST letdown of the summer....The Clone Wars. It was pretty, although all of the characters looked like they were carved from wood....and the story doesn't "FIT!"...I mean, WHEN did Anakin have time for a padawan?? random. weird. was disappointed and give it a D. They didn't even have REAL ACTORS doing the voiceovers. waste of $$ and time, but Bub really REALLY liked it....so not a complete waste I suppose.

Tell me what you're watching and reading:) Did you watch any of these movies?? what is your take on them??