Grandpappy Big Mouth

Brandon went fishing a lot last week on his mini-vacation....here are some pics of the massive grandpappy *ok, grandmomma! fish, since that thing was very pregnant!* that he caught. It was pretty funny seeing him walk out the woods holding a bucket with the better part of a fish hanging out of it!! And yes, it was VERY tasty:)


Class of 2019!

Well, the much dreaded day has vistited and passed. My baby, my little, my one and only boy has graduated.....from Kindergarten!

I was so worried about crying my eyes out, but I had the camera to keep me distracted! There was a kindergarten program and the kids sang few songs....including "Hey, Hey, Good-Bye!" After the program, we went to Bub's class so his teacher could read one last book to them and tell them all good-bye. It was bittersweet....watching my boy graduate from his first year of school! It was a success and I am glad I made it through without swollen eyes or a snuffy nose:)


Happy Mother's Day * to me *

I belong to this website called Everyones Connected. There I can keep in touch with some of my old church friends and family back home. I got an email from EC this afternoon saying a friend wanted to connect to me, so I clicked on the link and it led me to a message that said, "Sandra wants to connect to you" Sandra is my stepmother and the reason this email was strange is because I'd connected to Sandra a while back. I clicked on the link and it said "Sorry, this link has expired".

ok. ??

So I decided to go ahead and see if anyone had updated their pages lately. My old friend Crytal got married in Feb and I saw that she had a new pic on her profile, so I clicked on her page. On EC, when you click on someone's pic, it takes you to a page that has their pic in the center with some of THEIR friends pics *and links* around them. To the left of Crystal's profile pic was a pic that screamed at me. My stomach fell to the floor and my mouth went dry. No way could this be a pic of who I think *ok, I KNEW* it was.

So I click on the pic to make it bigger. This is the picture that I saw.

The woman in the front of the pic, with her eyes closed.....

is my momma.

The page belongs to an old church camp friend of mine, Jonathon. I have no clue how he got this picture. I haven't even seen, talked to, or thought of him in about 10 years! What is even MORE strange to me is why he would choose THIS picure to put on his main profile page...a slot that is generally reserved for a picture of yourself. Of all the HUNDREDS of pictures that I am sure he has amassed in his lifetime, he chose a picture that had to have been taken over 5 years ago! AND one that is not even of the best quality....the faces are up close and there is someone *who is my stepmoms' sis, btw* in the background. I emailed him and I am waiting on his reply. *can't wait to hear it by the way!!!*

But how random is this!?? I always miss my mom. Not a day goes by that she doesn't cross my mind. Here lately she has set up camp there:) With Mother's Day coming up, I have been missing her more and more. I want so bad to hug her....to hear her say she loves me and to tell her how much I love her. To put it nicely, I hate Mother's Day this year because it's reminding me that mine is gone.

My friend Carrie was telling me yesterday how her dad believes so strongly that God speaks to us in the strangest, and sometimes most random ways. Lori told me today* after I told her about this*, that maybe it's God's little way of telling me Happy Mother's Day....reminding me that I had a mother who loved me very much. Reminding me that even though she's gone.....I can still feel her love in something as random as a 2x2 picture on the internet. :)

Happy "early" Mother's Day to me....and to my mom:)