random thought

I am known for weird thoughts, aimless brain rambling.....not due to too much time on my hands.....but something I do to occupy my head when I am doing the mundane.

Tonight as I was loading the washer, Brooke asked me if I were given one wish, would I wish my world could start over. Random question from such a small child, I know.....but she quickly followed her question by her own answer....she told me that she would start hers all over just so she could see her grandma and remember her.....which gave me the answer to my immediate question, "WHY the heck was my daughter already wishing she could start all over!?" HA!

Naturally, there are a lot of things in my life that I wish I could do over again. Like many others, I wish I could go back to then knowing what I know NOW. The true irony of life is that we don't come with built in navigation systems. Each day is a mystery that presents us with another obstacle to manuveur around. In almost a chuckle from the universe, we are born and turned loose to figure it out.....and since we only get one chance......

While my mind was playing on this thought.....I wondered if we were ALL granted one wish, and used it all to start over again, knowing what we do now....would we get it right or are we bound, as HUMANS, to get it all wrong again...only to end up wishing, AGAIN, that we could do it all again?

Would everyone "get it right"? Would the world really be a better place because of it? Or would we be a new birthed Stepford world.....one in which we knod to each other in the mornings, go about doing the Necessities of life, keeping our homes and lives in order....never letting anyone get too close to mess up our ideal perfection? Exactly what kind of world would we live in if we all came equipped with the "I know then what I know now" chip? Is it one that I would REALLY want to live in? Would there BE any mystery..any pure fun?

Imagine if our kids came with a handbook......the mysterious journey of their childhood wrapped up in a tidy box? Would I really find joy in not being able to mess up, learn, try again....and get it right? Would I find any joy in the moment that Bub finally started pronouncing his "L's" if I already KNEW when he was going to start? Would I find any wonder in watching Brooke take off on her bicycle if I already knew WHEN she was going to do it?

As she often does, Brooke gave me a lot to think about tonight.....

So in answer to my little fairy......who tends to drop little glitter dust of the wonderment I call childhood innocence into my life when I hardly expect it....no baby, mommy wouldn't press the rewind button and change one thing. Because if I did, I couldn't promise you that I would be the mommy I am today....


Heading Home

More pics of the kids first day of school...only these are heading home pics! Brooke wanted to ride her bike home so I drove it down to her....but by the time she actually arrived home, she changed her mind about riding her bike to school.....it's too hot!!! She was dripping sweat and I had to agree with her.....we won't be riding bikes again until it cools off!!! I love the pic of the two of them walking across the street holding hands....I took that one before they saw me watching;) sneaky peeky mum!

First day of school

YAY!! Our first day went off without a hitch! The kids were super excited to get back to school and see their friends.....I was super excited to have them BACK in school so we can get back to our usual routine;) Summer is suppossed to be so relaxing and full of fun, leisurely days, but for some reason....this year wasn't one of them! I feel as if we've all been topsy-turvy for the past two months and no matter how hard I tried, we couldn't quite get in the groove of things. Hopefully starting this new school year will help get us back on track so we can get back to "normal!"

Here are some pictures of my babies....now in 1st and 2nd grade. As I walked out the door this morning, leaving my kiddos behind....my eyes fell on the little kindergarteners, and it dawned on me that my babies are no longer like those little kindergarten kids who are wide eyed and don't know what to expect from school....they are moving up, learning more each day.... I hope to hold on to these special years and cherish every moment of their innocence.

Girls day out

This past weekend was all about getting the kids ready for school. We spent a lot of the time doing last minute shopping, but managed to squeeze in some special one on one time with each of the kids before the big day! On Saturday, Brooke was with Courtney, so we took a ride over to Lexington to hunt for new golf shoes. We weren't able to find any in Bub's size....but we did get a good deal on Brandon's....75% off!!! We also went to the mall and Bub wanted to ride the carosel....then for his special back to school gift he got two new video games from game stop. After heading home so I could pick up Brooke, Bub and Brandon went to play golf.

Sunday, Brooke and I had a day of girl fun! We headed over to the village and Brooke got her first mani/pedi!!! She loved every second of being treated like the girly girl she is! From there, she bought a new pair of earrings and a cute tiki purse....then we ended our day with ice cream from Coldstone.

All in all, the weekend was a very good one....the kids were happy, mum and dad were pleased....and we were all set for school to start!