last today. i promise!

I forgot to write about this a few weeks ago, but was reminded of it when I was on the phone w/ L earlier today. I had a wild hair before Mother's Day and decided to try my hand at silhouettes. This was my first attempt...and I think it went over very well! Unfortunately, I ran out of photo paper so I was unable to do Brooke's. For now, Bub's little silhouetted head sits below a pic of my dad and stepmum. Isn't it loverly?

webbie wednesday

Found this blog on Today's Creative Blog and am in looove with it already! There are various tutorials, quick fire craft projects, and nifty ideas to turn the mundane into something spectacular!

As usual, even though no one ever does....lemme know if you check her out!!

photographer for hire

every now and then i turn the kids loose with the camera to take pictures of the things that they find interesting. if you've never tried this with your kids, you really must... sometimes the things that they find interesting really may not be what you pictured:) so i turned brooke lose with mine last week while i was painting the chalkboard door. here is what she came up with.

a sleeping pluto. this little guy sleeps in the weirdest positions. we've found him asleep in his wheel with his head hanging out of if. he's a doozy.

after taking this picture, she came out to tell me that bub STILL hadn't finished cleaning his room *hmmm, the makings of a PI??*

and this monstrosity of a stuffed animal. nana bought this massive tweety for brooke sometime last year and it is ALWAYS a task trying to find a place to put it. i guess brooke thought the striped sheet was the perfect touch:)

letting sleeping dogs lie....my dog thinks he is human and here is proof. brooke adores him, but for him...it's a love hate relationship:)

alas, no photo shoot would be complete without a fantastic self portrait~ i love this pic of my girl...and here is proof that she's seen her mum take one too many self portraits!

pause. to catch up

I am taking advantage of the fact that I can finally sit up straight for longer than 2 minutes by updating my blog. I've been feverishly sick, but I feel the worst is passed and I am left to deal with a terribly swollen, sore throat. Bully for me, blogging requires no talking;) So here is a bit about what I was up to before this nasty virus settled itself upon me!

I made this sweet little dress for Brooke!! I am very proud of it....it's very simple, nothing fancy, but it's the first I've ever made and I think it is pretty fabulous! She looks adorable in it too:) I am going to sew a partridge applique onto it, maybe in the form of a pocket. She loves it;) I am anxious to make a headband that matches it...I am thinking of using white material w/ a teeny partridge in the matching dress material attached to one side. It will be uber cute!!

I've also finally painted this gold framed mirror that I've had for ages! It's now a beautiful green *feldspar by behr* and looks shabbily retro *which is the name I made up to describe my own brand of style...LOL!* and I am in looove with it! Brooke helped me with the paint brush:)

I've also finished painting the inside of my chalkboard cabinet door. Was planning on finishing this up the day that I got sick, but I am sure to finish it by next week. When complete, she'll hang in the kitchen and will be serve as one nifty little notepad! This pic was taken while taping her off...

and one more pic just for Lori....here is the bucket full of oysters that I wrote about last week *week before?*...they were beyond YUMMY! I think they may have tasted better because I was the one who fished them out of the water! *show court what she'll be eating for dinner every night...LOL!*



This is a semi-repeat blog *refer to Oct 2007*..but I just came across the pic that I was missing from the original post. It was never truly complete because I couldn't find THIS pic~~it is of our very first annual faux flip off;) Our first Halloween together, Lori snapped this pic and it looks like I am flipping Carrie off. We thought it was a pretty funny pic, so we decided to adopt a tradition all our own....so the following year, Carrie fauz flipped me! Lori was obviously feeling left out, so on our last Halloween together, Carrie and I wrapped her in our circle of love and flipped her off as well;) HAHA! I am one lucky lady to have these two crazy women in my life....even though that are miles and miles away....these quirky memories are ones to last a lifetime...and how great is it that I can revisit these moments in pictures?

First annual FAUX flip-off...

Second annual faux flip-off....

The final faux flip-off....what a way to go:)

I love you two freaky chics!


webbie wednesday

After another bout of the pukes early this morning, Brooke's fever has *finally* broken and she is now resting in front of Phineas and Ferb. She was laid up in bed all of yesterday, sleeping the "yuckies" away. My poor baby girl....hopefully she won't have a relapse.

Taking a break from napping, I am posting this weeks website:) It's one of my favorites, and has been for a while now. I am not sure HOW I came across NieNie Dialogues, but I am happy that I did....her pictures are lovely, her family life evokes simple happiness in everyday life. I plan on stealing her camera someday as well:)~


no post

After a super busy weekend, Brooke has been nasty sick and I am running on very little sleep....so no new posts for a few days:( i'll be back soon, promise!


note to self


~the rest, i'll leave to your imagination~


webby wednesday

YOWZA! I came across the MOST INCREDIBLE website last week and have been chomping at the bits to share it...but I wanted to wait until today to stick with the wednesday idea:) It's really a surprise for Lori, whom I know will adore it more than anyone! It's been hard keeping it a secret, and I won't tell you about it...I will give you a hint. *click on the pic to take you to the site. you may have to look in the top right corner of the site to change it from Japanese to English so you can actually read it* ENJOY!


A crime was committed last night...in my very own yard. The heist of the century. I tell you...whoever pulled this stunt off is a proverbial genius. Last night some loony redneck took it upon himself to steal my TRASHCAN. *yes I said REDNECK because what NORMAL citizen has a burning itch for someone ELSE'S garbage can!?* Now I have to buy a new one....this go around, I am painting it bright neon pink with my name in glow in the dark letters tacked all over it.


weekend recap, minus menu monday

Yes, I know it was M~Day this weekend, but unlike most of you mum's, mine was pretty mundane...and crummy. My Saturday was spent cleaning the pool to ready it for summer, then spending most of Sunday in bed recovering from cleaning the pool out on Saturday. My back hurt in places that I had never hurt before. Top that, I am PMSing...and in a pretty foul mood. Add the backpain, the cramping, the foul mood...AND the fact that it was Mother's Day....let's just say....this weekend was my worst in a looong while. *for any ears listening to me upstairs...I do not wish a repeat*. I'm not feeling very friendly or nice....but on the flipside, I've found that withdrawing myself from the outside world has opened another door for me....and I have finally started stripping down furniture that I've been needing to refinish:) I felt all artsy-fartsy outside on the driveway today wearing airy summer sheath with my hair in a loose ponytail and headbang perched on top....barefoot...with a paint scraper in my hands. I scraped as much as would come off and hopefully the paint stripper will do its work tonight so I can finish tomorrow:)

~~as for Menu Monday...i am in no mood to think about food, much less plan for it. forgive my moodiness this week....I am sure to be back in full force *and in higher spirits* next week:)~~

i will try and cheer myself up by posting a pic of an apron that I want...have been eyeballing it for while now, so we'll see what becomes of it! I looove it so much...even looking at it makes me smile:)


Happy Mother's Day

~Only One Mother~

Hundreds of stars in the pretty sky.
Hundreds of shells on the shore together.
Hundreds of birds that go singing by.
Hundreds of lambs in the sunny weather.

Hundreds of dewdrops to greet the dawn,
Hundreds of bees to greet the clover.
Hundreds of butterflies on the lawn.
But only one mother the whole world over

**I love this poem...My brothers and I bought my mom a picture with this poem on it for Mother's Day one year many years ago. It now hangs in my closet and I think of my mum everytime I look at it. I hope everyone has a beautiful Mother's Day tomorrow...and when you are spending time with the most special woman in your life tomorrow, remember...she's the only mum you'll ever get, so you'd better hug her tight and love her with every ounce of love that she is deserving of**



fast paced funny...a wonderful summary of "mommy talk" condensed into this weee little clip! listen closely....for my mum friends, you'll LOVE IT! *thanks Vickie!*

*again, scroll to the bottom of my blog and pause the music player before you watch this*


for someone

this post is random....but for someone special to me. it will make sense to almost none of my regular readers....but it's something that's happening in my world right now and i must acknowledge it.

~~i hope the next few years fly by for you...that you take care of yourself...guard your heart and mind all the time...and remember that you have family, who are your friends.....who love you and will be thinking of and praying for you. i regret the way we've all drifted....and hold on to the hopes that someday things will right themselves in ways that we can't dare to imagine. my heart is broken for you, DB, and K, and for the brother who loves you so very much. i love you D~and PLEASE take care~

a bed of my own

the girl and i went on for a bike ride today to the bay park up the street from our house. the water was calm and peaceful....the air was cool...but hot. it's florida, seaside:) i love that feeling~ anyhow, i noticed some oyster shells near the edge of the water and thought that it's just someone's shell dump spot. while the girl ran around, i sat on a flat rock at the edge of the water and poked a stick around in the sand at the shells.....imagine my surprise when i turned an oyster shell over and saw that it was, in fact....WHOLE!!! i'd stumbled upon my very own oyster bed:) YEHAW! i was only able to bring this one home because we didn't have a bag or anything....but it was a doubly! i shucked this lil puppy and almost fell over from the salty smell.....i looove oysters!!! best of all.....cappy says that oyster beds mean....REDFISH!!!! so he's going wading tomorrow morning to try and catch me some dinner;) will keep you posted on his luck.....for now, here's the pic of my oyster!

wednesday website

trying something different, will see if i can stick to it;) i come across loads of nifty weblogs and thought i would share the love via a regular "wednesday website" posting. as per most regular things on my blog, we'll see how long it lasts~~for now, enjoy my generosity.

my fav website this week is my half of the brain, a nifty site of nothing but tutorials..."more than you can shake a stick at" to be exact;) i love love love this site!! you'll find pics of freebie tutorials listed with the link that you'll need to see it. check it out and let me know what you think.


would a kid by any other name.....

I came across a blog in which a mum listed the many nicknames of her kiddos. I had a good laugh over some of them *suga-buga?* and then wondered how many of mine could possibly bring a tickle to someone else's tummy.
From the beginning of *their* time, my kids have been enveloped in a long series of nicknames...not only given by moi...but by the g.p's and uncles as well. I have a "set" nickname for each of them....the one that they like me to tuck them in with, but it doesn't stop me from making new ones up at any random moment of my day...here is a list of the ones i can think of at the moment....

~little *bub's set n'name*
~stringbean *brooke's set nickname"
~muffin bottom
~muffin top
~my bean
~porky *short for porcupine*
~pfrdouck (pronouced fer-douck, given to Brooke by Cappy)
~'douck *short for pfrdouck*
~pfrdouckin-dayshus-peahead-thang *again, another weird name cappy gave his only girl. this was eventually shortened to Pfrdouck. yes, he calls her this everyday*
~BJ *brandon jr*
~double 06
~pappy's poo-poo *weird, i know but my FIL calls Brooke this all the time*
~best bud *cappy's for bub*

YOWZZZA. It's a bloody miracle that my kids actually know their names...Cappy is always making up new ones for them as well, each just as weird as the ones he already has*....I do believe the only time I ever use their given names are when they are in trouble;)

Menu Plan Monday

Day late, but here ya go.

Monday~ Brocolli and Cheese soup *yes, from scratch*
Tuesday~ Chicken and Shrimp gumbo
Wednesday~ Shrimp Fried Rice and Miso Soup
Thursday~ Turkey Manwich w/ baked fries
Friday~ chili dawgs and baked fries

Easy week...trying to make that almight dollar stretch into oblivion:)

do u like....

my new layout!? i finally figured out how to customize it....it took a bit of work *a good 30 minutes of my butt being glues to this chair!*....but alas, she is pretty to look at!!!

lemme know what you think....

i'm off for a bike ride:)


kid pics from first friday

Brooke beside the fountain of laundry detergents past...... simply boy....
the kids counted escapee balloons all evening....here is brooke spotting another one....
my inquisitive boy....
close to the end of our evening, our legs were pretty tired....so we found rest on these old coin rides.

Chicken kabobs~~the kids new fav fast food! Bub made the discovery....and wanted seconds!
Going for a boat ride on the mainland.....


here are some more pics from last night....I found my table and bought it, but will pick it up next Friday. I also found a few new pretties that I really want and will keep my fingers crossed that they don't get purchased before I have the money to buy them.

I've been eyeballing this phone for a few weeks now. Price tag: $45...ohhh I want her so bad... I snapped this pic while the kids were playing on the 25 cent horse and boat rides. One row of tent vendors....notice the spanish moss? This pic is for L....the stuff really is EVERYWHERE here~~
The back end of my chevelle.

I want all of these books. Each time that I go to to this shop, I stand in front of this booth and just hold them....beautiful!
This pic is for Vickie....the apple topped Longabergers' I told you about.
This pic is for Lori....*no, I did not get one of these for your b-day present*
My new table!! One chair is missing because it is upstairs with my tag still on it. I can hardly wait to bring this beauty home with me!! Also in this booth are several other pieces of furniture that I want. They are very reasonably priced too....so we'll see!!
The fan that I am drooling over. I really REALLY want it....look at the color!! I never really LOOKED at the beauty of old fans until Lori told me that she loves them....so I had to figure out what all the fuss was about....it is so obvious in this picture, don't you think?

first friday

On First Friday, Harrison Ave is packed with artsy vendors, vintage and muscle cars, food, antiques, and bands *one band was called the Dashboard Chihuahua's! LOL!*. I adore the atmosphere of Friday Fest. Older people bring lawn chairs to hang out and chat on the sidewalks....kids walk around holding dripping ice cream cones in one hand and a balloon in the other....the smell of frying funnel cakes on one corner, BBQ kabobs on another...men and women stopping to dance in front of one of the street bands...a cool breeze wafting in from the marina's edge....people of all shapes and sizes smiling at each other and engaging in the random conversation with the person in line behind them....small dogs of all types dressed up in swimwear and searsucker suits *I kid you not*.

Making my way down Harrison Avenue last night enveloped me in a feeling of nostaglia. I had a really nice time with the kiddos.....and they are already looking forward to next month's First Friday! Here are a few pictures that I took to share with you:)

The front end of my fav car on the lot....A lovely robin egg blue Chevelle..sigh
Looking up Harrison frome our bench...
The kids loved this car~
and this big ice cream....
but I think they liked the chicken kabobs best. I had to buy TWO of those massive things!


one more thing....

If you look on the right hand sidebar of my page, you'll see that I added a guestbook. For all you lurkers out there, take a moment to make me feel important and loved.....


I'll love you even more for it;)

oh and....

I just have to say, if for L only.....
!!!!40 more days!!!!!

I can hardly wait to update this pic!!!!


for the lack of blogging this week! I've been super busy and simply didn't feel like taking the few minutes to actually blog this week! In lieu of a long blog, I will give you a trailer of the week past....

Worked 2 days with MJ.
Discovered that Sonic serves half price drink from 2-4 EVERYDAY, so we've been spending a whopping 2.30 on slushies everyday since.
Spent a few hours browsing Sam's Club on Tuesday.
Ate some bad food on Tuesday night and suffered near death food poisoning as a result.
Kids stayed home Wednesday, since mum didn't sleep/wake up on time and b/c they were a bit down in the gut as well.
Spent the day shopping with MJ and Debra out at Pier Park. Ate too much of my burger and fries, spent the rest of the day burping and sucking in my gut so I wouldn't look FAT in my jeans.
Returned some furniture that I was unhappy with.
Going tonight to the antique store to REPLACE the furniture that I was unhappy with.

Ok, seeing it in writing, it doesn't look like much does it?

Side note: I am bored out of my mind not working at the moment. I can't really get together with my MeetUp group until the kids get out of school *because I am actually trying to keep the kids group a KIDS group this go around*, my MIL and SIL work a lot, Beth only has time for lunch once a week *or every other...LOL!*... Cappy is in bed all day long. Kids gone to school. I am going STIR crazy not having anything thing productive to occupy myself with at the moment. *although I have been working on some crafty things for my Etsy site....coming soon!* So....I am about to be on the lookout for a job. I have my feelers out, so we'll see what becomes of it. I don't want to JINX myself just yet, so just keep your fingers crossed for me!

Hope everyone has a SPECTACULAR weekend!