i'm sitting here listening to the fisrt elimination of AI, wondering WHY the heck they force the girl they just booted from the show to RE-perform the song that she totally sucked at the night before. is it just to say.."and HERE'S why she's going home" or what? b/c the Maxim girl just proved WHY she's going home 2night. now that i have that off of my chest, hi! we finally replaced our computer so i will be online a bit more now. since my last post a lot has happened. January went by really quickly since we were preparing for our trip. we were busybusy all of last month and now i can't believe we are already HOME from our vacation! all of that preparing and it's already over. ok, my trip....we had a realllly great time (not counting a few minor, ok major, mishaps..) but overall, AMAZING! funny though how i dreaded getting on the boat and actually being in the middle of the ocean (no visible land....ughhh), i honestly could have forgotten we were on a boat! we had an amazing room with a great balcony, good food every day, we made some great new friends and had some really great experiences. Brandon swam with the stingrays. i tried but chickened out so i just took pictures! (some really good ones too!) we got in some good shopping, although i really hated Cozumel, i did love the shops there! oh and my luggage got lost when we disembarked. yes, just ONE piece and it was all of MY clothes. but, 4 days later we were called to let us know that it was found at Tampa airport. we were no where NEAR tampa airport....so hopefully R.C. has mailed it to us already. i miss my clothes.....wahhhhh. while we were cruising, the kiddos stayed w/ brandon's parents and they went to Disney (Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdon, and MGM) they, of course, had a great time and Brooke saw the crowning of the princesses for the first time. i think it's the 100th anniversary celebration or something so the castle show is different and my MIL told me that Brooke was speechless! she tried talking to her during the performance but Brooke didn't even hear her! oh i wish i could've seen her face. i missed them both like M.A.D and i was sooo ready to get back to them, but i have to say that the week to ourselves was really great. it was nice to be just Alisha and Brandon for a week...it was like a second honeymoon (only MUCH more interesting....hehehehehe) and that's all i have to say 2nite...so g'night!