Sleep baby....mummy? sleep

We went to help with the kids's Valentines parties at school last week. When I walked into Bub's class, they were having rest time *they can't call it nap time because they technically aren't SUPPOSSED to be napping, weird*. Anyhow, Bub usually doesn't fall asleep....so imagine my surprise when I walked in to find him laying in the middle of the floor like this. He looked like a little mummy! Notice how his feet are crossed and how his hands are tucked neatly under his bottom *or posterior, as they are told to call it at school*....I love this picture:)


We've finished painting the house *Am I the only one hearing angels singing!?*!!!! We painted only one wall in Bub's room....a beautiful blue called "Wickford Blue". Brooke's room is the lightest of green's called "Palm Breeze". I am now waiting on their beds so I cam complete their rooms. I LOVE the way the paint came out! Also, Brandon finished painting in the living room and the entryway. I am VERY pleased:) He worked so hard to get it done....and believe me, with these high angled ceilings, he couldn't work any less than hard to get it done!

Here are a few pics documenting our efforts! Please ignore the messes hardwood and the mess that we are calling Brooke's room at the moment! Once the bed is in, we can get to work on storing all of her things:)

Mary Jo

After a nice 8 day visit, my in-laws left this morning. It's always hard saying googbye to the people I love so each time they leave I get all choked up to the point that I can barely say goodbye. I often "brag" about how close I am to Mary Jo (my MIL). I know that I am among the lucky to be able to count my MIL as my friend. My own mother died going on three years ago, and this woman *who also lost her mother at a young age*, has been there for me through late night phone calls, angry wailings at God, frustrations of not being able to TALK to my own momma, and finally there to help me come to grips with the fact that my mom is gone. She has helped me learn patience as a mother and she has helped me to stop criticizing my parenting skills. She spoils me and the kids....she doesn't even seem to mind that I am not the neak freak that she is:) I am a LOT different then their family expected, I believe. I am more of a tomboy, not one to mind that the house is a little out of order when company calls, and not the girlie girl when it comes to dressing up like she is and DEF not the skinny mini who passes on a piece of cheesecake! Yet, she loves me and accepts me for who I am. I really am blessed to have her in my life.

I just wanted to post a few of my fav pics of her. You can really see where Brooke gets her eyes from!


The new digs

I'm a little *ok, a LOT* displeased with the color in here. We thought it was mcuh lighter. Now everytime I look at the yellow lines in the middle of the highway, I think of my kitchen. But, we'll get around to repainting it:)

For those who haven't seen, but are wanting to see my new house, here are pics:) We love love LLLOOOOOVVVVEEE it! Also, you'll notice it's not the orignal house we wanted, but that fell through at the absolute last minute *as in say before closing*, so we rushed to find this one. We like this one MUCH better and we've already started painting. We have a long way to go, including REpainting my red wall in the dining room because it started peeling away from the corners of the wall *ARGHH!! HELP ME SOMEONE!*. We're painting Bub's room tonight, hopefully getting to Brooke's tomorrow, and then finishing up the hallways next week. Oh, and another FAB thing about this house is....it's BRAND SPANKING NEW!!! YEHAW! Kudos for me and my little family for landing this sweet house!

It's sleeting, I't snowing......

A few days before we moved from the old house, the kiddos had a lovely surprise waiting for them when they awoke one morning. I knew the weather guy was calling for some sleet or snow, but didn't tell them just in case it didn't. I was beyond thrilled when I looked out the window and saw big flakes of snow drifting to the ground.....AND STICKING! I hurridly woke the kids and bundled them up to head out and enjoy the snow. I loved their faces when they saw their first snow! The first things BOTH of them did when they walked outside was turn their faces up, open their mouths, stick out their tounges, and catch a snowflake. They even made a little Southern style snowman:)

Breakfast by Brooke

Brooke loves helping me in the kitchen. She has two aprons and she is always begging me to let her tie one on so she can help me cook. A few days before we moved I decided we all needed a nice hot breakfast....and Brooke decided she needed to help me! I made sausage gravy *yes, HOMEMADE*, biscuits *not homemade*, scrambled eggs *by Brooke*, and some fresh fruit. Here are some pics of our special breakfast.

My Anniversary present!!!!

My hubby really surprised me on our anniversary this year~~

I mentioned in passing, a few weeks ago that I really wanted a bicycle so I could ride to school with the kiddos in the mornings. Imagine my surprise when I opened the door to the garage and found a shiny new bike just for me!!!

I rode it last night for about 30 minutes and now my bum is severely sore.....I wonder if I can buy a seat replacement??

Thank you to my hubby for my great present!! I love you~~