pumpkin patch

I took the kids to a Halloween fest at the church on Transmitter the weekend before Halloween. They were the only kids there NOT in costume:) They really don't like dressing up...i'm not sure why? They had a lot of fun doing a stuffed animal walk *like a cake walk, only you win stuffed animals instead* and sliding down the boundy slide. Before leaving the fest, we stopped in the lot in front of the church to pick out our pumpkins. We never did get around to carving them this year.....
These pics aren't that fantastic because I was having trouble adjusting the color/ISO feature on the camera, but since I am documenting our lives...they will have to do!

smashingly incredible~~

I took these pics of the kids on the way to Boo at the Zoo....they were taken in the backseat of the car! I can't believe how great they all turned out....and YES, I am having a few of them enlarged and framed.

Look at those freckles...POP!

She has the angelic look down pat!

Practicing her ballerina moves in the backseat~

Kiddos Halloween

The kids didn't want to go trick or treating this year...they instead wanted to go to a fall fest with their Nana in Wewa. So on Halloween night I went to dinner at Outback with Dawn, Leann, and some new people that I'd never met before, then came home to watch a movie (Atonement). Bub came home after the fest so I wasn't alone on Halloween night:) After spending the day in 6 inch boots at work, I was exhausted!!! The day after Halloween Zoo World hosted Boo at the Zoo and the kids wanted to go out to see what all the fuss was about. I was worried that the place would be a mob house jammed with greedy idiots, but was pleasantly surprised to find that it was chaos free, well organized, and the kids were given loads of good candy and cool stuff. We had a blast and I plan on making a trip out there again next year!


The Halloween party was a little Humane Society benefit as well....I met a few new people and had a blast with Resa as my "goddess" date! I thought I would stick to something I knew very well...and dressed up as a hot nurse:) Weird thing though...when I walked in the door, the first person I saw was one of the doctor's the I work with...it was kind of awkward but he and his wife both looked cute in their gangsta and flapper outfits:) I am looking forward to next year's gala!!!

vanessa, resa, me
a nurse, peter pan, a greek goddess, and captain hook.

daniel and vanessa
the party has arrived!!

Little Black Dress~ October

We skipped November because everyone was busy or simply too tired to get dressed up to go....but here are pics from October's Little Black Dress party at Boatyard. Dawn, Resa, Leann, and I met up early for dinner *note to self and anyone else who cares to know: never waste your money on the sushi at Boatyard. it sucks.* Be sure to zoom in on my shoes....they ROCK! I got a spicy little deal on them at Envy.

Labor Day

The kids and I went to Vicki's for Labor Day and had a nice time laughing over the way Brooke ate her corn...she'd just lost a tooth and another was extremely loose, so she would gnaw on it with her BACK teeth, if you can possibly imagine that. The girls had fun trying to catch the fish that Jamie had recently stocked the pond with, while Bub was content to hang out on the back porch with me. I also managed to shoot a few pics of the kids with their Nana.....I played around with the color saturation and this is what I came up with. I love love loooove the pics!


I am posting these pics for no other reason than....I like them:) They were taken at the "big ball" at Pier Park (that I am always trying to describe to Lori even though she's already seen pics of it!) while the kids and I were waiting to see "Journey to the Center of the Earth" on Brooke's birthday.


Here are some pics from the kids birthday party this year. We only invited a few people...cousins and some church friends...but the kids had a blast all the same.

my fav pic of the day~ I captured Bub's first expression the moment he opened his Wii:)
Dad, Brooke, Hobbes, Bub, Mom

Jacob, Brooke, Jared, Bub, and Anthony.

let them eat "cake"!

I can hardly believe that NEXT year they will be 8 and 9~~~