oh thee innocent worry

A few nights ago as I was tucking Bub into bed, the girl comes running in...eyes wide with excitement. She'd been watching American Idol, but apparently she'd caught one of those teaser snippets from the late news show. Now, I am not one that really wants my children watching the news. I try to protect them from it best I can.....I just can't have my children walking around waiting for the sky to fall ya know?

Well, it's very obvious from Brooke's reaction that I don't let them watch it.

She runs in, hands flying *she is one of those hand speakers, yes*, eyes wide with disbelief, and voice raised in excitement.

"Mommy!!! You will NEVER believe it!! The POLICE here in Columbia, HERE! IN! COLUMBIA!! They arrested FOUR men. MEN! MOMMY! They ARRESTED FOUR MEN!!! I don't know WHAT they did, but the POLICE arrested them!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!?"

Now I've tried to capture her voice with my caps lock on, and I hope I did a passable job. I am not sure if her sheer and utter disbelief was from the fact that either police actually DO work, or the fact that people are mean enough to actually warrant an arrest. Either way, it's ruined my child.

She's constantly asking to watch the news now.

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