Class of 2019!

Well, the much dreaded day has vistited and passed. My baby, my little, my one and only boy has graduated.....from Kindergarten!

I was so worried about crying my eyes out, but I had the camera to keep me distracted! There was a kindergarten program and the kids sang few songs....including "Hey, Hey, Good-Bye!" After the program, we went to Bub's class so his teacher could read one last book to them and tell them all good-bye. It was bittersweet....watching my boy graduate from his first year of school! It was a success and I am glad I made it through without swollen eyes or a snuffy nose:)


Anonymous said...

That is SOO SWEET!! :. Love the precious pictures you took! - Heather Heuman

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! How CUTE is that? Im going to have to show Logan when I get back there b/c he will just love to see that!
I hope they do something like that at his school