remember me??


So I am officially a slacker.

I haven't blogged in ages, so to those friends who have been bugging me about doing so...this apology is for you....SORRY!!! I know my life is SO thrilling that it is near painful not to read about it, but life has changed so so so very much for me over the past few months, and I have had very little time to write about it. MANY changes, some that I will share, some that I will not. So brace yourself!! I have all Labor Day weekend to update this sucker and I will try my darndest *is that a word!?* to please the masses.

So practice a few more hours patience with me and I promise you will not close the screen feeling empty inside...LOL! I'm gathering pics and working on a few blogs....and now that you're holding your breath and are in ten kinds of suspense, I am off to bed!!! Will finish up tomorrow with loads of juicy fun!!

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Mandi said...

Hey there, I have been checking in on you and noticed you had not been posting, but just figured that life was getting in the way, glad to hear you about to thrill us again - looking forward to it!!