My friend Stephanie (of NieNie Dialouges that I've written about) was in a plane crash two weekends ago. She and her husband are both in the hospital and have suffered severe burns as a result from the crash. I've followed Stephanies life for a long time, often envious of the sweet, charmed life that she leads....an incredible mom and woman, my heart broke when I learned of the accident. Steph and Christian have 4 beautiful children who are anxious for their parents recovery. Please take time to visit the link that I've posted to the left hand side of my blog. You can read more about Stephanie and track her recovery....as well as donate to help their family out. Please say a special prayer for them!!!

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Leslie said...

Hey Alisha. I just read this yesterday, and today when I turned on the Today Show I caught the end of a segment on her. Her family was on there also talking about all the support they are getting from the blogging world.