easter weekend

ahhh... day before Easter. we're heading up to Rock Hill tomorrow w/ my DH uncle and aunt to meet their children for the first time...it'll be nice not to spend Easter alone in COL. 2day the kiddos and i colored eggs and hid them (over and over again ...took me STRAIGHT back to MY childhood) by the 6th or 7th hunt, most of the eggs were busted and the dog was following us around to eat whatever crumb was dropped! planted 10 more tulip bulbs, which is prob senseless b/c they'll bloom in about 2 weeks and die after 3-4 days, but they are just SO pretty! becoming a garden nerd trying to figure out what to do w/ them when they die and what to plant around to cover them up...am trying desperately to develop that green thumb everyone talks about! still debating on Creative Memories...dunno if i have the DRIVE to sale. talk to fast and all, that's my biggest prob....THANKS NANNY...lol ....argh i need to go to bed.

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