what a weekend

my wkend was crazy! sat night, well around 3 in the morn on Sunday, my DH's lung decided to collapse again so he went to the hospital (he has a spontaneous pneumothorax)...we was admitted and was going to have surgery to repair it, but after spending the night and a full day and a half IN the hospital, he was released. which is good and bad b/c the problem still isn't fixed...but he didn't have to have surgery.......my in-laws came to be here just in case something went wrong during surgery, but when we got to the hospital that morn, the doc said it;s a no go. felt bad they travelled all that way for nothing, but really enjoyed the extra time with them and i know they enjoyed the time w/ the kiddos!! we went to the zoo yesterday, (forgot it was S.Break....was PACKED..eww) but had a great time. 2day, had a playdate w/ this group of mothers w/ young children (most are stay at home mommies)....it was called International Lunch....we brought food from parts pf the world/country that we are from....(i took crab salad)....it was really nice but a looong drive!!! starting to think that when we BUY, we should do it in Lexington....seems like everything goes on in THAT direction...HAPPY BIRTHDAY VICKIE!! (2day is my sis-in-laws b-day). Quote for the day: "We make ourselves up as we go along." kate green

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