out of pocket, out of mind. literally

my computer farted big time on me this time and i (obviously)haven't been posting for way too long. (sorrrrry) but since the big boom, i have discovered something equally as interesting as blogging and web surfing. brace yourself. it's a little something i like to call, my life! yes, i have taken it back, reclaimed it from the world of .coms and .orgs. sigh. but i do miss my little bit of space i guess.
my kiddos are great. brooke had a birthday on the 20th and we went to see Charlie and the Chocolate factory (which is a fantastic must see!) see also got way too much stuff and i had to do a room overhaul to magically create some more space. she starts school on Monday and i am going to do my BEST not to cry at least until i walk out of her classroom Monady morning. i am reading a book, The Wonder of Girls, and i have to stop every bit because i cry! i am taken back to when i was young and the same feelings that i had when i was growing up.....the book reminds me that while i was once there, i have forgotten what it was really like to be her age. i know what lies ahead for her and her tender girls heart. .....ok i am way sentimental right now, so onto the boy. he will turn 4 on Tuesday and we are going to the museum to celebrate. my boy is growing too.......how do i stop the clock.......the days are sooo long, but those years.....they are far too short.

ok, i'm off, but now you nkow i am alive and i am well.....

i will say bye until some other time.....

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