no good

i am not one of those inherently "do-good" people. i don't automatically put the needs of others before mine, i don't let someone else go first if I were there first, in all honesty, i don't pay much attention to people around me, i don't drop money in the salvation army bucket every time i walk past, i don't buy girl scout cookies, and i never stop at fundraiser car washes......oh get that horrified expression off of your face. while i admit my shortcomings in this area (believe it or not, i have a mile long list of them, but i won't go there today) i will also admit that i wish i were one of those "mommy complex" women...the nurturing type that is always on the look out for a hungry mouth, an empty pocket, a lonely smile. i've noticed that some of my friends are that person. my mother in law is that person. my mother was that person. will i ever get there?? am i too selfish to be THAT person?? now that i've admit how thougtless i AM , here is the good that i do. i say thank you far too often for things that may not even warrant a thank you. i overtip. i open the door for the old lady behind me. i hold the door for the mom with the big stroller and one kid lagging behind. i volunteer at my daughter's school. i give away things that i could probably sell and make decent money on. i hug every kiddo in Brooke's class when i walk her in on Friday morning.....i do an odd assortment of nice things that give me a little bit of comfort that maybe....i'm not all that bad at doing good

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lori said...

Girl- you are such a huge sweet heart I can't even believe you think you're selfish! You can't be everything to everybody-remember that :-)