rain away

can someone tell me if the mini-cooper counterfeit commercial is for real? i LMAO the first time i saw it, the 2nd time i was thought whatt?? it's real!? hmm....went to the library 2day and checked out "Lipstick Jihad" by Azadeh Moaveni, "Blink" by Malcolm Gladwell (2nd time...need to give in and buy it i suppose), and "The Journal of Mortifying Moments" by Robyn Harding....now, just gotta make time to READ. all cooped up 2day b/c of the rain which really sucks when you have 2 kiddos dying to get out! but, giving them credit, they were amazing 2day. watching MTV's i wanna famous face.....???!!!??! what the heeeeeeeey?? the words of Alanis the great Morrisette come to mind...(along the lines of this....) i wish people could achieve what they want to achieve only to find that there really wasn't happiness there at all......(i'll find the exact quote for that later and let ya know)...now, MY bod is far from perfect, but dang, leave well enough alone...P'Surgery is over rated anyhow (maybe b/c I don't have the $ to fork over to have it done...lol) WHAT'S IN THE CD PLAYER................"GUERO" Beck (luv it...very cut and paste, borrowing sounds from all over the board...very Beck...very vague...very good.(happy face)


what a weekend

my wkend was crazy! sat night, well around 3 in the morn on Sunday, my DH's lung decided to collapse again so he went to the hospital (he has a spontaneous pneumothorax)...we was admitted and was going to have surgery to repair it, but after spending the night and a full day and a half IN the hospital, he was released. which is good and bad b/c the problem still isn't fixed...but he didn't have to have surgery.......my in-laws came to be here just in case something went wrong during surgery, but when we got to the hospital that morn, the doc said it;s a no go. felt bad they travelled all that way for nothing, but really enjoyed the extra time with them and i know they enjoyed the time w/ the kiddos!! we went to the zoo yesterday, (forgot it was S.Break....was PACKED..eww) but had a great time. 2day, had a playdate w/ this group of mothers w/ young children (most are stay at home mommies)....it was called International Lunch....we brought food from parts pf the world/country that we are from....(i took crab salad)....it was really nice but a looong drive!!! starting to think that when we BUY, we should do it in Lexington....seems like everything goes on in THAT direction...HAPPY BIRTHDAY VICKIE!! (2day is my sis-in-laws b-day). Quote for the day: "We make ourselves up as we go along." kate green


easter weekend

ahhh... day before Easter. we're heading up to Rock Hill tomorrow w/ my DH uncle and aunt to meet their children for the first time...it'll be nice not to spend Easter alone in COL. 2day the kiddos and i colored eggs and hid them (over and over again ...took me STRAIGHT back to MY childhood) by the 6th or 7th hunt, most of the eggs were busted and the dog was following us around to eat whatever crumb was dropped! planted 10 more tulip bulbs, which is prob senseless b/c they'll bloom in about 2 weeks and die after 3-4 days, but they are just SO pretty! becoming a garden nerd trying to figure out what to do w/ them when they die and what to plant around to cover them up...am trying desperately to develop that green thumb everyone talks about! still debating on Creative Memories...dunno if i have the DRIVE to sale. talk to fast and all, that's my biggest prob....THANKS NANNY...lol ....argh i need to go to bed.



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