I'm Powerful, Handsome, Happy, Successful

You'll only nderstand that title if you've seen the movie, "Evan Almighty". Brandon and I watched it yesterday with Lori and Duane *and kiddos*. I was hoping it wouldn't disappoint and would live up to the laughs that I had over "Bruce Almighty".....and it didn't, disappoint that is:) It was incredibly funny...and once again, you leave with a lesson learned! I had SUCH a great time yesterday....spending Lori's birthday with our families *minus my kids:(*....going for dinner afterwards, surprising her with a birthday song, which was well sung by an operaesque waiter! I wish we hadn't forgotten our cameras so we could have documented it in color.....but the memory of yesterday is sweetly embossed in my heart:) Love ya Lori and I hope you had as good a time as I did yesterday!

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The Paulsen Family said...

LOL ... we went to see Evan Almighty this week too. It was GREAT!!! We laughed until we almost cried. LOVED IT! :) Kris.