Brooke's birthday night

Lucky Brooke.....the last installment of the Harry Potter series was released at 12:01 following the night of her birthday. Didn't take a genius to figure out where we would be all night! We picked up Courtney and made our way to Books A Million around 8:30 to get ourselves pep'd for the book!

We started the night by choosing our house from the sorting hat. The kids were all in Hufflepuff (which irritated me because no kid of mine will be a Hufflepuff.....LOL!) so we made our way over to the first Hufflepuff activity which was making wands and snitches. While we were working on that craft, Amber, Gavin and Matt came up! YAY! Mum had someone to hang with and Bub had a boy to play with:)

After Hufflepuff we went to Ravenclaw and the kids raced on broomsticks.....they all raced very well and Amber and I had a good laugh over them:)

After that we went to Gryfinndor to watch a magic show and see the world's largest rabbit (perhaps....LOL!) While we were there, Candace and the girls popped up....I am not sure how they found us because that place was PACKED! I didn't take any pics in the magic show because Amber and I'd found two chairs and I about fell asleep in mine!

After Gryffindor was Slytherin.....there the kids got their fortunes told. Brooke was first to go since it was her birthday and she was ASTOUNDED to learn that the fortune teller already knew it was her birthday, knew how old she was, and knew that she'd already gone to see the movie! So you can imagine how excited she got when Bub's time came and the fortune teller predicted that he would be a millionaire:) HAHA!

As a surprise for Brooke, I had teh guy dressed as Harry annouce over the intercom that it was her birthday! You should have seen her face when she heard her name announced! Priceless:) Next we picked up drinks and made a potty run. When we were all finished, we realized that people were already lining up for the book! It was around 1045ish...so we hopped in line as well and the kids settled down to cast spells on each other until midnight. Believe it or not, they all sat in a circle the entire time (with only a few breaks to do the chicken dance) and had a BLAST casting spells on each other. Some other kids there joined in.....it was so funny watching them all make up spells:)

I was amazed at the number of people who were there to get the book. Projection numbers were 8-850, but I overheard the TV crew say that the numbers were already over 1000 by 11:00! Here are some pics from in front of, around, and behind us.....as we stood in line. I took these pics at 12:01....right after the countdown:)

All in all....Brooke had a GREAT day! I know her favorite part was spending time with her friends at the Harry Potter celebration. Thanks Amber and Candace for bringing the kids out and celebrating her birthday with us....and the release of this amazing book!!! I don't think you'll ever be able to say that you've been to a BIGGER birthday party:) hehe

Happy 7th Birthday my little Stringbean! I hope you had a MAGICAL day:) Mum loves you to pieces!

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Anonymous said...

We had a lot of fun, I loved watching the kids have such a great time together. I'm glad I was able to make the last Harry Potter book party EVER!!!!