cleaning up spoilt kids

What you see here is a pile of dolls. Not just any dolls, but the 74 dolls that make up my daughter's collection of them. 74 dolls....even after only a year ago giving away 40 of them. Somehow she has amassed a record breaking number yet again. Now before you start clucking your tounge and shaking your head with the thought of me buying them for her....let me ease your mind of those hasty judgements.

Of these dolls, I may have purchased.....4? The rest come from grandparents, in the form of birthday presents from friends, and hand me downs from an older cousin. So in that manner, she is terribly spoiled. I knew the time to rid ourselves of some of them had come when I couldn't get the 4 foot long sweater box that holds them...closed. It took over an hour if sorting dolls, clothes, doll accesories, shoes, and hairbrushes...but we did it! For each doll she kept she had to get rid of one. Many clothes were tossed, shoes without a pair were thrown into the trash can, and the no longer wanted dolls were piled into a banana box along with some much loathed (on MY part!) stuffed animals.

Have to say, Brooke did a great job at keeping one, tossing one....of everything! We made progress as well as freed up more space in her room. I did attempt to clean off her bookshelf....but I have a penchant for books, even those easy readers! I can't seem to throw a book out.....but maybe when the book drive rolls around I will be able to toss one, keep one as well:)


Laurie said...

I know this may sound crazy, but that sounds like a great afternoon! I have 3 boys and love to organize so an afternoon with your daughter sorting through dolls and clothes sounds like heaven.

Theresa said...

I need to do that with Nevaeh's stuff. We usually do it in the fall.