Country Adventures '07

Last night we went to Country Adventures with the playgroup. For some reason in most of my pic there are little round orbs floating around.....maybe bugs?? Who knows? But I hope to steal some pics from some other friends that were there and post them later. The kids had a load of fun. Brooke was unpredictably tame, Bub roasted about 15 marshmallows *but didn't eat half of what he roasted*, Cody got sick, Trey almost fell in the firepit *you didn't hear it from me, Michelle!*, and I ate 1.5 burnt hotdogs! Fun, fun. If only it had been a bit colder....

Bub and Trey were trying to pet the pig when they got a whif of what the pig pen smelled like...HA!

I took about 5 pictures of Trey making this face.....everytime someone would say something to him, he'd open his mouth as if amazed. I thought it was pretty funny!

On the hay ride!

Mi chica, you chica~~everyone's a chica-chica!

Dunno what these two were doing. They were in their own little world most of the time.


Laurie said...

oh so fun!

The Paulsen Family said...

Alisha ... I had those little ghosts floating around in many of my photos from that night too. Strange, huh? There were several over near the wagon. Bugs? Maybe ... maybe not though ey?

My website was sticking / due to my photos being too large. Now, my computer crashed so I will need to upload those old photos but the slide.com probably didn't help either. Anyway, I'm gonna dig out those country adventures photos from that night and look closer. I'm intrigued.