good days

Brandon is doing mucho better! he is getting out of bed and walking around, eating much better *he had salmon tonight!, which is such a nice change from the chick noodle of late* he looks very good and our fingers are crossed that he will be home by Wednesday!
my diet....arghh! i was hoping that since my MIL is here is would be eating better and LESS, but so far, not happening. blahhhh. been eating out for every meal and it's not helping at all!! i have this horrible habit of finishing EVERYTHING on my plate *leftovers of a youth when my mother would tell me to clean my plate and not to waste food*. so now when we go out for dinner i have this maddening urge to eat the leftovers off of my husbands plate also as he never even eats HALF of his 12.00 plate of food. so, to solve this prob, i have decided to order soup/salad wherever we go. the prob here lies within the bread i am brought to sop up the soup with. i've been reminded why i prefer to cook and eat my OWN cooking in the comfort of my own home. *note* as i am typing this, i am slurping up a bowl of vanilla ice cream w/ choco chunks in it. i am eating from a kids bowl, but once again, proving i have no self control.if i keep at this rate, i will NOT be fitting into my size 10 clothes much longer. Q...is a 10 piece spicy salmon roll healthy and good for you? hope so, because that's what i had for dinner. and yes, i finished all 10 pieces. although, my son did eat one for me!! self control is on the menu for tomorrow
ok reading...i've been adding some good books to my list lately. some not so, and others GREAT! i'll list a few off the top of my head and upload the pics in a bit. i'll also need to look up the authors, so i'll post those with the pics later!
"1776" by David McCullough. haven't finshed this one, but i have this fierce love of all things historical. THIS book is history at its finest. it's a story of a single year, 1776, the year of the birth of a great nation. David McCullogh brings fresh life to a year in history that is so often watered down in textbooks. i'm fighting the urge to skip ahead to the end...love love LURVE this book and i give it 5 out of 5 stars!
"The Devil Wears Prada", don't have the authors name on hand (Jane Green i think), but it was an ok book. entertaining but not compelling. disappointing end because i have no idea what really happend with the main characters life. i prefer to read books that leave no q's unanswered, this one didn't pull it's weight here. fun read about a she devil of a boss, but even there i don't think there was enough she'deviling, just a lot of complaining from her new assistant. 1.5 of 5 stars
"Little Earthquakes" by Jennifer Weiner. i've yet to dislike anything she has written. i'm halfway through this one and i'm loving it. very cute book about babies and how these "little earthquakes" can really shake your life up! the story of four very different women who become friends while preggo, their lives and secrets. great book to keep by the nightstand. 3.5 of 5 stars.
"The Historian" haven't started this one, but i'm impatient to so i think i'll add number 3 to my current reading list (i'm known to be reading more than one book at a time. one for bed reading *usually one that doesn't require much thought*, one for outside when the kids are playing and i don't have to have all 5 eyes on them so i can be totally immersed in a GREAT read, and one odd/end book that i carry in the bathroom with me ...umm too much info, but anyhow)
"Prep" by Curtis Sittenfeld. finally finished this one, but only out of sheer determination, hoping that i would get some great nudge of enlightenment along the way. didn't happen. i was lead tediously though the high school years of a very average, mostly exasperating girl. the only thing i liked about it was the end, when i found out what all of her old school mates were doing at 30...read the first and last chapter of the book, you won't be missing anything and you'll have gotten the jist of the entire book. and saved yourself a lot of time. half a star out of 5.

I know i've read a lot more over the past few weeks that i haven't been posting, but since i keep a list i'll get it out and give you my input later!!

I took the kiddos to the State Museum on Friday as a reward for being sooooo good while we were stuck in wating rooms last week. we had such a nice time and i have hope that my kiddos will carry on my love for learning and HOLD ON TO IT through their school years! i look back and regret a billion times that i let youth and friends take place over learning....maybe that's why i gorge myself on as many odd and ends that i can now! right now we are on a "planets kick" and i am relearning (is that possible or even a word??!) things about the galaxy and the worlds around us. right now, i am fascinated by Mars.....if life every really existed there and COULD life ever exist there again? it's fascinating really.
well i've gone on enough and i think i've written enough to last the week....last i want to say....
HAPPY FATHER'S DAY TO MY DAD! I love you and i miss you already....wish i could be there with you this weekend and give you and Daryl grief about not wearing a helmet on those dirt bikes!!!! now you've given me something else to worry about!!! i'm sending 10 hours worth of hugs and love your way..........

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