it's a zoo

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this is a pic of the kiddos with their friend Brent taken last week at the zoo..i think it is toooo cute! my friend Melinda had a lot more pix but this one sums them all up so it's the one i decided to post! see how long Brooke's hair is getting?? we had fun (and yes i got another pistachio ice cream! i really need to find out what brand they sell at the zoo b/c i lurve it!)
THE SUN CAME OUT TODAY!!!! that statement is deserving of all caps! the ground was still is bit yucky so we didn't go to the park, but we have Pooh Park in the plans for tomorrow...Brandon's going with us for the first time so hopefully he will feel like a walk in the woods b/c the kiddos (esp Brooke) have been begging to go and "search for waterfalls" can't wait to get out tomorrow!!!
weird news...freak me out news.....ok, you know that i cleaned a few houses when i lived in Fl while the kiddos were at pre-k? (boredom buster and easy money in my rainy day pile) anyhow, i cleaned for this man whom i thought was just a sweet lonely older man...he was on disability so he didn't work...he seemed a little odd but then who isn't odd in some way nowadays. anyhow, last night my mother in law (who knows him) called me to tell me he'd shot a woman and there is an APB on him in Panama City....!!??!??!??!?!what the!??! had me really freaked to know that the week before i moved here i cleaned his house for the last time, and when i moved, i'd passed it on to an older friend of my MIL's and she has been cleaning it since! no one knows why he did it (did he just snap or something!!?) but it's really weird b/c he always seemed like such a nice man!!!! ughh so glad i didn't give him a Christmas card afterall...
we cut open our first watermelon of the season today and it was yumyum! the kids wanted theirs cut into "big moons" and even Hobbes got in on the action! i got some really cute pics, but as i took them with a disposable, you can't see them!! nanana
hubby has been home all week long so naturally it's felt sort of like a vacation so i haven't gotten anything substantial done around here. take that back, i scrubbed my stove today and mopped the floors and cleaned the bathrooms. but not 4 hours after i did it all, my house is a zoo once again. arghhh the joys of being a wife and mom

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