So you had a bad day

please excuse my last post. I was having a realllllly bad day yesterday and for NO apparent reason at that. Some friends and I went to Wild Wings yesterday for a little mom's day out deal. We were there from 1230-200 and I hate to tell you, but I don't remember much of the conversation! I was so out of it yesterday b/c before I left the house I had a KILLER headache. So I took two Midols to knock it out....and quick (that's the only thing that really works for me...) but the hitch is, Midol makes me hyper and jittery and OUT of it. I don't know WHY I took TWO of them!! I do remember talking about hair and movies. that's about it. so I left there and went to Home Depot because I needed 10 more bricks for my flower bed. Wouldn't you know it, there were only NINE left. I am not kidding you. GRRRR. Then to make matters worse, this nosey old man and his cocky looking teenage son were loading up some bricks right below me (same color, same pattern, DIFFERENT shape, mine were curved, his were STRAIGHT!). When I got to the checkout counter I asked the woman when they would be getting a new shipment in because I need ONE more, when that man came up behind me and said "Ms I think you overlooked the HUNDREDS of those bricks that were right below you." Now, usually I wouldn't be so snippy, but I was already irritated that there were only nine of my bricks left and this man had the gall to talk to me like I was some poor stupid blonde girl who didn't know A from Z. So I said, ever so politely, "Sir, if you look at your bricks and my bricks, you will see that mine are CURVED and yours are STRAIGHT. If you can find me ONE curved brick in all of those HUNDREDS of straight bricks, I'd pay you to shop for me." I pulled out of that parking lot feeling like a heel. ARGHHH. Well, I am a glutton for punishment, so instead of heading homeI ran by KFC to pick up some chicken for B and the kids. I pulled in the drive through and placed my order, waited a good 15 minutes in line, and when I got to the window the cashier told me they don't accept debit cards. (i never carry cash).ARGHH (again!) So I told HER, "Well, maybe you should think of putting a note on the sign saying you DON'T before someone waits 15 minutes in line, just to hear SORRY, YOU CAN'T EAT! Mad and tired and headache coming back full force, I went to Bi-Lo and got a bag of chicken and a box of mac and cheese and took my bum home. I added some mashed potatoes and gravy to the mix and called the family to the table. And wouldn't you know it, no one liked the chicken.


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