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Ok, so I have to admit...I got caught up in the hype of "myspace" and have since abandoned my old place here on Blogspot....but I have decided to make a comeback!!! I know you're clapping and cheering.....but really, don't hurt yourself....hehe

So, today I went to the gym and was sorely disappointed when I realized that I didn't get there in time to claim my spot on a bike. I have become addicted to spinning class (hellllO, burn 500 calories in 30 minutes!?? not many legs are being pulled to get ME there!) anyhow, I walked in and there was one lone bike in the corner and it had a "broken" sign lying on top. ughhhh. SO I spent 30 minutes on the treadmill, half of which I spent in a nice incline....ten minutes of which I spent in FULL incline. I burned 200 calories I think....bummmmmer, esp since I could have burned MORE in spinning class. But I have learned my lesson and will show up super early next class :)

The kids bus was THIRTY minutes late today. paranoid freak that I am....I borrowed Casey's phone (she lives in front of the stop) and called the school to find out what the heck was going on. This was day two of the bus running late. This was day THREE of me being Adderall free, so needless to say, I was (AM) running super low on patience. I really hope the bus is on time tomorrow or else the bus barn will be getting a very nasty phone call.....

Dinner tonight I made gizzards (nasssssty, but the hubby loves them. this from the pickest eater in the world.....oddly enough, he adores chicken innards. go figure) and salmon patties (croquettes for those more sophisticated than I). I have been craving them for a while so I gave in and suffered through the smell....and was rewarded with the sweet taste of salmon patties dipped in syrup. Salmon patties are a serious comfort food in my book. My momma always made them for me when I came home to visit.....along with french fried sweet potatoes. I miss those meals made by mom, but I am happy to say that I have perfected her recipe.....she'd be proud and would probably make me cook them for HER when I were to visit next...lol

Alrighty, day's over, kid's bathed, hubby ironing tomorrow's clothes, and now it's time for story. Tomorrow begins another "grueling" life in the day of Alisha.....stay tuned for more~~good night and good luck :)

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