The new digs

I'm a little *ok, a LOT* displeased with the color in here. We thought it was mcuh lighter. Now everytime I look at the yellow lines in the middle of the highway, I think of my kitchen. But, we'll get around to repainting it:)

For those who haven't seen, but are wanting to see my new house, here are pics:) We love love LLLOOOOOVVVVEEE it! Also, you'll notice it's not the orignal house we wanted, but that fell through at the absolute last minute *as in say before closing*, so we rushed to find this one. We like this one MUCH better and we've already started painting. We have a long way to go, including REpainting my red wall in the dining room because it started peeling away from the corners of the wall *ARGHH!! HELP ME SOMEONE!*. We're painting Bub's room tonight, hopefully getting to Brooke's tomorrow, and then finishing up the hallways next week. Oh, and another FAB thing about this house is....it's BRAND SPANKING NEW!!! YEHAW! Kudos for me and my little family for landing this sweet house!

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