We've finished painting the house *Am I the only one hearing angels singing!?*!!!! We painted only one wall in Bub's room....a beautiful blue called "Wickford Blue". Brooke's room is the lightest of green's called "Palm Breeze". I am now waiting on their beds so I cam complete their rooms. I LOVE the way the paint came out! Also, Brandon finished painting in the living room and the entryway. I am VERY pleased:) He worked so hard to get it done....and believe me, with these high angled ceilings, he couldn't work any less than hard to get it done!

Here are a few pics documenting our efforts! Please ignore the messes hardwood and the mess that we are calling Brooke's room at the moment! Once the bed is in, we can get to work on storing all of her things:)

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Theresa said...

CUTE!!! I love the colors!