If you've ever been to MGM and stayed for the Fantasmic show, chances are you've been witness to one of the greatest tidal waves ever. We had perfect seats....way in the back and near dead center, so we had a perfect view of this fantasmic wave. As is the norm for me.....my mind took a turn for the philosophical and analytical.

Inside this stadium sat thousands of people. Black, white, red, yellow.....rich, poor, those of us somewhere in between.....old, young, and again, those of us somewhere in between. Boy, girl, woman, man. Each has a different story to tell....each has a different life that they are heading back to once they leave the confining magical comforts that Disney has to offer.

Yet in a space of about five minutes.....all were united for one purpose.

The perfect wave....

It took a bit of catching on.....starting from the far right. A spattering of hands here and there, with a crowd in the middle doing hand signals to encourage the other half of the stadium to join in. After a few tries....it caught on and everyone rode the wave. Starting as a slow sweeping motion....and spread to a great wave that made it's way across the crowd. Once it reached it's end....it was tossed back to the other side....and everyone laughed and cheered in unison.

One common goal....simple, yet complex....accomplished in a crowd of people who didn't know one from Adam's house cat....a mammoth sized laugh that erupted from each mouth once a wave reached its appex.

A lesson for me here......

to stop trying so hard to fight misconceptions. To stop trying so hard to make others try to see why I do things that I do, to stop defending my every action to those whom I shouldn't have to defend them to. If I can just ride the wave.....of life and everyday living in general...then maybe I can prove my worth.....to myself:) Because it doesn't have to be so hard.....to go with the flow, yet still live what I believe in. Maybe that is the key to happiness? To my happiness? Accepting that varying opinions of me....and my varying opinions of others....are a passing thing. A thing that can change with growth, and understanding.

To ride this wave.....life.....a belly laugh when the wave runs its course......and to join in again when the wave is pushed my way:)

That the wave doesn't end until I breathe my last.....is truly....Fantasmic***

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