Nort, Brooke, and Bub

Brooke, Riley, Taylor

Bub and Mason stuck together most of the night....until Bub got tired and Brandon had to carry him!

Me and my gurrrrls:)

Kids posing in the backyard....impatiently waiting to trick or treat!

I am just now getting around to posting these.....sorry!!!

This year it was decided that the Halloween party would be held at our house this year...something about Lake Carolina doing good candy?? I dunno....LOL! We had quite a crowd here and everyone had a great time. Brooke was Cinderella this year and Bub was Yoda for the second year in a row! Bub originally wanted to be a ghost....sheet with holes for eyes and all....but once he realized that he could see everyone else through the holes but no one could see him....he decided he wanted a change:) Carrie, Lori, and I did our annual "faux flip off" which LOOKS like we are flipping each other off....but we're not because we are using our ring fingers. This tradition started on our first Halloween together....TOTALLY by accident! Lori snapped a pic of me pointing at Carrie, but it looked like I was flipping her off. The pic was pretty funny....so the following year Carrie insisted on returning the favor. This year, to round it out...Carrie and I both faux flipped Lori:) What a way to send her off, eh?

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