moving on?

so my dear ole husband has ANOTHER job offer. this time in Houston, Tx. he had his phone interview this morning and he said it went great and that they asked how far in advance would he need to know if he could come out to Tx for a sitdown. (he said a week) now, my Q was, so will they also fly your family out?? (my fingers are crossed here b/c i don't want to end up MOVING somewhere in which i have never even been. (only seen pix of and quite frankly, that spaghetti mesh of interstates terrify me, so i can only IMAGINE what they will do to my no sense of direction husband~~) luckily, on THIS end, i clean house for a lady who is straight out of Houston, so maybe i can get a few tips from her if the time actually comes that i need them....but trying not to think so much about THAT just yet. although i already AM stressing about leaving the few really great friends i have made since i've been here. one in particular i feel extremely close to b/c we have (almost eerie) so much in common.....i got super lucky in finding her and i i DON'T want to (or think i even COULD!)find a Tx replacement for her.......wahhhhhh!!!!

the kids have a new fav song and they have been singing it almost non stop and it's too funny....it's the BEP song (Humps) and they sing the "she's got me spending.....oh spendingall your money on me and spending time on me...."!!! too cute!!!

arghhh have ta go, my bladder is about to pop....

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