cleaning....as usual

So I am taking a short break from cleaning out my garage....AGAIN! Why do I feel the need o clean my garage once a month?? Let me tell you....

My kids love love LOVE to play in there and drag things out of boxes....discover "new" things that mommy has hidden away for birthdays or Christmas. They love to look at our Chirstmas ornaments, and play with plastic Easter eggs that I save so I wont' have to buy new ones next year. So there is always a mess in my garage.

This week I have been doing some serious purging.....I had a yard sale with some friends yesterday and made 40 dollars. :) But I STILL left with a few boxes of things that no one else wanted :( So I freecycled it all :) and it's now on my porch waiting pickup......my garage is looking better and I am feeling GREAT about getting rid of more things.

I am soooo not the packrat. I hate saving most things....I don't like the kids to keep their toys more than a year (unless of course it's a FAV or it's something special), I like to clean out closets and purge often.....only when I "purge", most things end up in the garage only to get pulled back into my house NEXT year (or when the kids find it)

So I am proud of my little self. Now I have more room for more stuff.....and that means....

I get to go shopping :)

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