letting out a (long held) breath

I am so excited for tomorrow night!

Greys's Anatomy and The Office are baaaaaaaaack!!!! I have been impatiently waiting all summer for my favorite shows to come back on, and the wait is finally over! yehawwww

Ok, today....here's what is on my mind.

My big pet peeve of the day/week/ok, of my LIFE, are people who say they are one thing, but then prove themselves wrong when something trivial happens. If you say you are an easy going, devil may care person, don't get yourself tied up in knots when things don't go your way (because you've just contridicted yourself BIG time). What is even funnier to me is when people "proclaim" to wear a certain "tag" but so blatantly do and say things that go totally against what they SAID they were just a week earlier.

Me for instance. I am one of those rare people who don't get offended by other people. The only people that can offend me or hurt my feelings are people that I ALLOW to hurt me or offend me. Those people are only those that are closest to me, those whose opinions matter most :) I like to be able speak my thoughts and share my beliefs without fear of ridicule or harassment. Maybe this is reaching for something greater than what most people are.....but I respect the thoughts and opinions of others. While I may not agree with what they say, it doesn't change my feelings of them as a person, as a friend. We are a world full of people with billions of varying thoughts and opinions. If we all shared the same ones, wouldn't our world be so boring? and wouldn't it be so George Orwell??

Back to what I was saying..... I guess I just wish that when people say they are one thing...when people point out to others that they are a certain "type" of person......that they would realize that there are other people out there just like them, and other people out there that are totally opposite them~~and we all need to respect each other's thoughts and opinions. Don't get upset when someone points out something that you're doing wrong....don't get offended when someone says something that you don't agree with.

No matter how outspoken or brazen I can be, I've learned there is a time to keep my mouth shut. There is a time and place for EVERY conversation.....I guess learning that comes from experience....experience of hurting others with my words, experience of being hurt by others words. And have now fear......sometimes keeping your mouth shut even HELPS you remain true to yourself :)

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