fun shmun

I had quite the night and just have to document it for future generations....or just for my family to refer to at some inopportune time over Christmas dinner.

I was getting very bored sitting around the house this evening and entertained the idea of loading the kiddos in the car and heading to the gym for a bit of a workout. After much coaxing and begging on my part, the kiddos still didn't want to go and sit in the nursery while mummy burned a few hundred calories. sigh. In efforts to get them moving as well, I resorted to acting thrilled with my new idea for some exercise.....jumping on the trampoline.

The kids went crazy because they are always begging me to get on, but I know just how big a workout it is, so I more often than not....decline. (and if you haven't jumped on a trampoline in a while, please don't scoff until you've jumped for a good straight ten minutes. Trampoline mats are tighter than they use to be. That or my muscles are a bit looser)

So we head to the trampoline and I hop on ahead of the kids to sweep the sand off. When they get on, Bub decides that we should play chase. *chase on a trampoline involves running around in crazy fast circles, in half bounce mode* we take turns and I am now the chasee *the person doing the chasing*. I round one "corner" and go to grab ahold of Bub's shirt when somehow my foot catches in the net. I jerk because for some strange reason it scares me. (the whole hand reaching from the grave and grabbing your foot experience in broad daylight while the kids were watching kinda thing) When I jerk, I somehow bring down half of the net with me. The kids scream, I fall and become even MORE entangled in the net. When I try to stand, I find my ponytail is now also trapped in the twisted mess.

Recovered from their initial shock of the net falling around me, the kids are ecstatic, thinking mommy planned the whole thing. They are laughing and jumping as hard as they can, in turn bouncing me in such a way that I am becoming more wrapped up by the second. My first instinct is to yell bloody murder at them and demand for them to stop....but I am laughing too hard. That's when I realize that my backyard neighbor has stopped sweeping his back steps to watch me....and he is laughing as well. It was my sobering moment.

I somehow got the kids off and untangled myself from the net. I then spent a good 15 minutes trying to re-tie the net to it's posts....which I succeeded in doing minus one side of the net (which my hubby will tend to when he gets home this week)

All said and done, I am sure I burned at least 300 calories......on sheer laughter alone :)

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