tis' the season.......

I was grocery shopping today and made my round to the milk aisle. I picked up my gallon, my bottle of Coconut creamer, and as I was looking for the whipping cream, my eyes fell upon something that I crave 11 months out of the year....my favorite wintery night time drink. EGGNOG! There are a few secrets to enjoying my glass.....and I am going to share them with you!
1. You MUST drink eggnog from a chilled glass. Stick it in the fridge for about 30 minutes or so. It MUST be clear glass so you can watch how the eggnog sticks to the sides after each sip.
2. never EVER fill the glass all the way up (refer to number one for my reasoning)
3. Do not drink eggnog before 6:00. I prefer to drink it after the sun goes down. It's comparable to a glass of wine. It soothes, it relaxes, it fills my tummy with a nice rich sweetness that gives me that warm comfy feeling of home. This is NOT a feeling to be taken lightly, or at 3 in the afternoon! Your mind must be ready to unwind when you crack open that bottle:)
4. Hide your bottle of eggnog behind the carrots and cabbage to ensure no one will go searching for it! Even more important, so that no one will find it! Nothing is worse that coming downstairs at 8:30, when the kids are in bed, to find that your bottle of eggnog is gone or even worse, empty but still sitting in the fridge!

Now that you have been schooled on proper "eggnogging", sit back and enjoy~

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Anonymous said...

ha..Love it!
Heather Heuman