Life Laughs.....crazy mum style

My friend Casey hosted our "Life Laughs" book discussion last night at her house. Everyone brought food and drinks of their choice. The spread was wonderful, drinks were plentiful (some indulged more than others..lol), but the conversation topped it all! HELLO!? Have you ever gotten a group of women together to make fun of the men in their lives!? Trust me, it was a no fail night of laughs.....lots of them! From Sarah not knowing who Amber was (when she'd been talking to her half the night), Anne spilling the beans on her bed fun, some of us admitting the terror we rent on a certain "crunchy group", and Erica getting a whole LOTTA loose....the night was a success! I have got a crazy group of some serious closet freak friends:) I had such a good time forgetting about time, and just having a nice night with my girlfriends. Here are some pictures from our night of "debauchery".....mum style :)

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