Living my lessons learned

I love life. I believe in taking it by the horns, letting it jerk me around to the point that my shirt comes undone and my hair gets messy. I don't believe in letting go, ever. Life is all about happenstance. It's what you make it, and I have learned through love and loss that we're not put here to simply take up space. I believe we are here to first figure out WHO we are, to find our comfort zone, then step out of it. Life happens when we're wondering what's next. Life happens when I am standing in line at the grocery store....maybe that's why I feel the compulsive drive to talk to the lady in front of me. I don't want to let a chance to live it pass me by. If I've learned anything in my short (almost)28 years on this planet, it's this. When the bull of life is trying to buck you off it's back, that's the time to hold on. That's the time that you learn the most about yourself. That's the moment in your life that you'll look back as your proud and shining moment....the one you made it through...the one that made you who you are.

Life is only good for one thing...

LIVING.....to the absolute fullest.....grabbing onto as much as you can hold on to and letting it go when your arms get so full of happiness and contentment that you really can't hold on anymore.

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lorimscd said...

take life by the horns....merge a little LOL