Christmas Art

I had an amazing time Friday night!! We met over at Anne and Alex's for a bit of food and drink, then headed down to the Art Bar for some fun and dance. We danced allll night, Erica swapped more cherries than I care to know about, Lori let loose and dance danced, Michelle sang every word to every friggin song, Alex's friend Craig (who had realllly nice teeth...lol) and a penchant for relieving himself outside, booty danced with almost every chic in the group (and subsequently made their nights..hehe), Alex realllllly let loose and I LOVED it!, Brandon had a great time and had his bum grabbed by some guy, I danced with some guy who was dancing by himself and then Jenay, Erica, and I "sandwich danced him"....I think we made his night, no...his week! Here are a few pics from our night of debauchery!!

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