Girls day out

This past weekend was all about getting the kids ready for school. We spent a lot of the time doing last minute shopping, but managed to squeeze in some special one on one time with each of the kids before the big day! On Saturday, Brooke was with Courtney, so we took a ride over to Lexington to hunt for new golf shoes. We weren't able to find any in Bub's size....but we did get a good deal on Brandon's....75% off!!! We also went to the mall and Bub wanted to ride the carosel....then for his special back to school gift he got two new video games from game stop. After heading home so I could pick up Brooke, Bub and Brandon went to play golf.

Sunday, Brooke and I had a day of girl fun! We headed over to the village and Brooke got her first mani/pedi!!! She loved every second of being treated like the girly girl she is! From there, she bought a new pair of earrings and a cute tiki purse....then we ended our day with ice cream from Coldstone.

All in all, the weekend was a very good one....the kids were happy, mum and dad were pleased....and we were all set for school to start!

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