Heading Home

More pics of the kids first day of school...only these are heading home pics! Brooke wanted to ride her bike home so I drove it down to her....but by the time she actually arrived home, she changed her mind about riding her bike to school.....it's too hot!!! She was dripping sweat and I had to agree with her.....we won't be riding bikes again until it cools off!!! I love the pic of the two of them walking across the street holding hands....I took that one before they saw me watching;) sneaky peeky mum!


Tip Junkie said...

Yeah! The first day of school. I hope all went well.

The Paulsen Family said...

Ahh, Brooke and Bub couldn't be any cuter if they tried! They look precious in those photos. :)

Can't believe summer is over already though!