First day of school

YAY!! Our first day went off without a hitch! The kids were super excited to get back to school and see their friends.....I was super excited to have them BACK in school so we can get back to our usual routine;) Summer is suppossed to be so relaxing and full of fun, leisurely days, but for some reason....this year wasn't one of them! I feel as if we've all been topsy-turvy for the past two months and no matter how hard I tried, we couldn't quite get in the groove of things. Hopefully starting this new school year will help get us back on track so we can get back to "normal!"

Here are some pictures of my babies....now in 1st and 2nd grade. As I walked out the door this morning, leaving my kiddos behind....my eyes fell on the little kindergarteners, and it dawned on me that my babies are no longer like those little kindergarten kids who are wide eyed and don't know what to expect from school....they are moving up, learning more each day.... I hope to hold on to these special years and cherish every moment of their innocence.

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Anonymous said...

That is really cool. I enjoyed the pics of their first day of school and know that in cooler temps, The bike riding thing will go over much better too :>

They are really growing up Alisha!!! - HEATHER HEUMAN