Pop Pop....and goodbye

Most everyone who knows me knows that I adore Star Wars. They also know that my son does as well....he lives, eats, breathes, and sleeps Star Wars. He plays this Lego Star Wars game on his Gamecube every chance that I let him. We've beaten the game several times, but he loves playing the last level, where Anakin and Odbi-Wan fight in the "hot-laba"....I played with him tonight and noticed something that I've never noticed before and it made me laugh for a good 10 minutes. At the end, they picture a Lego Padme having her babies. The screen veers over to C3PO looking on and then you hear, "POP, POP!" literally, a high pitched "POP! POP!" which is supposed to symbolize twins "popping" out.
I don't know WHY, but tonight it struck me as incredibly funny! If only having kids were so easy.....but the sound is unforgettable....I keep replaying the sound in my head and I just laugh tears, literally!!! Maybe you just have to hear it, but trust me, it is super funny!

Anyhow, I found out today that my good friend Casey will be moving next week. She was hoping to be able to stick around for the holiday parties that we have lined up, but things aren't working out.....they've decided that they should go ahead and move so they wouldn't have to spend Christmas in boxes. I want to share "our story" here tonight.

I am not really sure HOW she came across me, but Casey sent me a friend request on MySpace sometime early this year. Her screen name was Yummy Mummy. We talked a little back and forth about helping her start her own playgroup. I knew she lived in Columbia, only I had NO idea WHERE she lived. I told her about the playgroup that I started and gave her pointers on how to start her own. That really was the jist of all of our conversations.

One afternoon, I was home sick with both of the kiddos. I hadn't bathed or brushed my teeth all day. My hair was a wreck and I was dressed in baggy old pj's. I heard the mail truck go past so I decided to brave the outside and hope that no one would drive past while I ran out barefoot and freaky headed. As I was standing at the mailbox, I heard someone say,"ALISHA??" I don't know anyone on my street, so I was taken aback trying to rack my brain who would know my name around here. I turned around and saw....."Yummy Mummy??" She laughed and said, "Actually, my name is Casey, but yes, I am Yummy Mummy."

Come to find out, she lived 6 houses down the road from me. She was pregnant with her 3rd child, and had two kiddos at home with her. We talked for a few minutes, and I, being embarassed that one of the blinds in front of my house was a little torn, made a comment about it. She said that she'd just put up faux wood blinds in her house and that I was welcome to her old ones. I said thanks, but honestly never thought she'd really give them to me, and promptly forgot about them. Imagine my surprise when I came home from the store the next afternoon to find a box of blinds sitting in my living room. She'd dropped them off while I was gone and my hubby was there to take them from her.

From that day on......we have become near inseperable. I gave her the link to my playgroup, she joined, and the rest is history. She, along with a handful of girls from my playgroup, have become super close. We've shared LOADS of laughs, drunken nights of fun, we've talked smack about people, spent hours on the phone....our kids have become friends...I made a new friend, Rachel, through her....She held my hubby's feet at a fourth of July party.....I was the first to hold her baby girl, MY Ella Bella.....we've shared deep dark secrets with each other (yes, some are blackmail worthy!!)....her husband even has a pet name just for me :) (yes, YOU George!)....

I have fallen in love with my friends down the road.....bubbly, ADD, blunt, outspoken, silly, crazy Casey. Sweet Zia, Mean little Logan, eat her up with a spoon Ella, cheeseball Z.......I don't like getting this close to someone and them having to say goodbye to them. I will miss Casey and her family SOOOO much. I know we'll still talk on the phone, constantly as usual. I know we'll have email to send pictures.......but I'll miss sitting on her front porch every afternoon waiting for the kiddos bus.....I'll miss being able to walk down and just talk for no reason. I'll miss being around her and the kids. I'll miss holding my Ella Bella.......I'll miss you Casey.

But most of all, I'll miss my chair on the front porch :) hehe

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