I haven't had fish since we've moved here. When we lived in Florida, we had it in abundance. Brandon would go fishing all the time and would usually bring home a nice mess of fish. It was always nice for me, because those were the nights that HE cooked for me:) Well, this weekend we went for a walk down to the lake *which is around the corner from the house* and found an incredible little oasis of sorts. When you come to the water you walk over a dam and the lake lies to your right. It's very beautiful, especially at sunset. But to your lower left, hidden by bushes and grown up thickets, there is a little pond where the water from the dam runs into. Below the tunnel is a little alcove...and water runs over rocks and forms little pools that are shallow enough for the kids to play in. The water from the pond runs into a crick that looks as if it comes right out of chapter of Tom Sawyer. It is the sweetest spot we have found since we moved here:) I adore it! We spent Staurday and Sunday playing in the water and fishing.

On Saturday afternoon, Brandon took Brooke back down to our little spot and came home with a whole mess of fish! He had several plump brim and to my thrilled surprise.....crappie! He filleted them and cooked them for me last night. I made the puppies and we had a nice dinner of fish:) Here are some before and after pics.

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