My kitchen deco

I am posting these as promised, so a friend.....far away....can see what my new kitchen is looking like. Hopefully Casey will get to visit me this summer and see it up close:)

I love vintage kitchen deco. I was THRILLED beyond belief this week when I picked up the flyer for Michaels to see that their vintage deco was on sale! YIPEE! Now, the yellow kitchen that I thought we made a huge boo-boo on, has become my favorite room in my house. I sort of just hung everything up and will add more things later. But for now, I am content because my walls are no longer bare!! I am looking for cute nails to hang them on. Think I should invent decorative nails for those things that you JUST can't hide a nail behind...lol!

All I can say is....don't you wish your kitchen was HOT like mine!?

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Anonymous said...

I love it! Im sooooo jealous!