top o' the morning to ya~

I went to bed Friday forgetting that the next morning was St Patty's Day, so I didn't get to decorate the night before. Lucky for me, we had a birthday party to go to, so I was able to hastily throw some deco around after the kids were settled into the car!
We started the morning with green eggs and ham and green milk. The kids were dressed in their leprechaun green, and they were thrilled over their leprechaun like breakfast! *please ignore the table...I just got it from a friend and have yet to paint it...thinking of going red:)*
After the kids were out in the car, I threw around some green ribbon that I'd cut up earlier that morning, scattered some gold coins around each room, and put a few drops of green food coloring in the toilet.
When we got home from the party....oh you should have seen their faces:) They were amazed!!! They laughed sooo hard over the leprechaun pee:) As for the ribbon and the gold, I explained to them that leprechauns come into your house on St Patrick's Day to get all of your gold. They run around so fast that sometimes their hair snags on nails and things, so bit of it can fall out. Also, they are going to fast that some gold gets dropped from their pants. And the green pee....well, even leprechaun's have to go to the bathroom, right!?
They wanted to end the evening all green as well, so *as I had decided NOT to cook*, we had ramen noodles *with green food coloring*, green beans, and green milk. For dessert I had some white chocolate fondue chips, so I melted them and added a few drops of food coloring and we dipped strawberries in it. YUM!
What fun:) Here are pics from breakfast....I forgot to take pics of everything else.

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