Christmas Dinner....

I didn't want to do a massive turkey or ham this year since, of course...it's only us:) So I decided to try something new and just keep my fingres crossed that it would turn out well!

The menu:

Orange Balsamic glazed Cornish Game Hens w/ Rosemary
Yukon Gold potatoes w/ pan dripping gravy
Homemade dressing *MaryJo's recipe!*
Southern style green beans w/ bacon
Corn on the cob
Croissant rolls
B's favorite homemade chocolate cake with super special homemade frosting

After much work....I pulled it off and I have to say that this tops every dinner I've ever made for Christmas! You should have seen Brooke tearing into her hen! Bub wanted everyone's legs! B got in trouble with the kids by dipping his fingers into the chocolate cake....BEFORE dinner started! It was delicious, beautiful, and is waiting downstairs for me to put away! HA!

Look at those babies roast!

The kids wanted to help me decorate the cake this year....a masterpiece if you ask me!

The family, minus the photographer, at the table. Notice that B made sure that NO ONE got left out...also notice that Hobbes eyes are not looking at the camera:) HA!

YUMMY! The hens look so good I could eat them off of the screen!

The cake. B loves this cake and only gets it twice a year...for Christmas and on his birthday:)

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