Christmas Morning

I was woke up at 5:30 this morning by Bub....but lucky for me, it was only because his leg hurt:) He climbed into bed with me until around 7....when Brooke's little head popped up...eyes wide! The kids stayed in their room while I went to wake dad up.....then they headed to the living room to see if Santa had remembered to stop by their house last night! They got most of what was on their list *and the rest will be knocked out at dad's!*.....thankfully they didn't have much on their lists this year....I am lucky to have kids who don't want EVERYTHING just to be able to say they have it:) Merry Christmas to my sweet family! Thank you for another year of smiles, laughter, and love!

WOW! Santa DID COME!!!!

Bub couldn't figure out HOW to get his bike out of that bag!

Bub loves his gift from Joey! Thanks Joe! We miss you:)

OMG!! Santa GOT BROOKE A CHIHUAHUA WEBKINZ! What can I say....like father, like daughter! Brooke adores chihuahua's, even though ours is always trying to bite her hand off...HA!

yes....very happy!

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