Christmas Eve!

We spent Christmas Eve doing absolutely NOTHING! All of our friends were busy, and we have no family here...so we stayed home all day! We all went out for a ride and played on a rock pile that is behind the house...and we stared at the massive moon for a while *it was BEAUTIFUL from the street behind our house! Almost as if you could touch it! Mars was also bright and visible right beside it....beautiful!* Anyhow, the kids wanted to eat dinner outside, so we had fish sticks and macaroni *from the box!* How's THAT for Christmas Eve dinner!? After dinner, we went to look at Christmas lights, then came home to open one gift each.

These crazy kids love to eat on the patio even when it's freeeezing out!

YAY! We finally get to open SOMETHING!

OHHHHHHHH....I Got Sharpay!!!! Brooke was THRILLED when she opened this one!

Bub opened his gift from dad....and was happy to see it was a new set of Galactic Heroes!

me....looking pretty shabby because I'd done nothing to my hair or anything else....and threw on clothes to go see Christmas lights. I don't like this pic of me AT ALL, but it HAD to be included since my WONDERFUL husband got me the most incredible present! Proof that he listens to me!!! AHHHH! It's the Coach bag I've wanted for AAAAAGGGGGESSSS!!! YEHAWWWW! Thank you B~I love you to the moon and back...you really surprised me this year:)

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