My table

My friend Catherine gave me a little bistro table for my kitchen a few weeks ago. I'm still not really sure what kind of table I WANT in here, but for now I am pleased with this one. It's also made me decide to get something more vintage looking when I do buy something. When she brought the table over, the chairs were hunter green and the table top was brown. I decided to paint it in efforts to help brighten the kitchen up *don't ask why I wanted to brighten my BRIGHT yellow kitchen up...lol*. I went over the chairs with a taupe color, then went over them with sand paper to "vintage them up". The effect is FAB...for the table I chose this burnt red paint and was very iffy about it right up until it dried. When I put it in the kitchen, I realized it matches some of my metal art work perfectly! My camera really sucks, so these pictures don't capture the true sense of my new bistro set:)



I haven't had fish since we've moved here. When we lived in Florida, we had it in abundance. Brandon would go fishing all the time and would usually bring home a nice mess of fish. It was always nice for me, because those were the nights that HE cooked for me:) Well, this weekend we went for a walk down to the lake *which is around the corner from the house* and found an incredible little oasis of sorts. When you come to the water you walk over a dam and the lake lies to your right. It's very beautiful, especially at sunset. But to your lower left, hidden by bushes and grown up thickets, there is a little pond where the water from the dam runs into. Below the tunnel is a little alcove...and water runs over rocks and forms little pools that are shallow enough for the kids to play in. The water from the pond runs into a crick that looks as if it comes right out of chapter of Tom Sawyer. It is the sweetest spot we have found since we moved here:) I adore it! We spent Staurday and Sunday playing in the water and fishing.

On Saturday afternoon, Brandon took Brooke back down to our little spot and came home with a whole mess of fish! He had several plump brim and to my thrilled surprise.....crappie! He filleted them and cooked them for me last night. I made the puppies and we had a nice dinner of fish:) Here are some before and after pics.


top o' the morning to ya~

I went to bed Friday forgetting that the next morning was St Patty's Day, so I didn't get to decorate the night before. Lucky for me, we had a birthday party to go to, so I was able to hastily throw some deco around after the kids were settled into the car!
We started the morning with green eggs and ham and green milk. The kids were dressed in their leprechaun green, and they were thrilled over their leprechaun like breakfast! *please ignore the table...I just got it from a friend and have yet to paint it...thinking of going red:)*
After the kids were out in the car, I threw around some green ribbon that I'd cut up earlier that morning, scattered some gold coins around each room, and put a few drops of green food coloring in the toilet.
When we got home from the party....oh you should have seen their faces:) They were amazed!!! They laughed sooo hard over the leprechaun pee:) As for the ribbon and the gold, I explained to them that leprechauns come into your house on St Patrick's Day to get all of your gold. They run around so fast that sometimes their hair snags on nails and things, so bit of it can fall out. Also, they are going to fast that some gold gets dropped from their pants. And the green pee....well, even leprechaun's have to go to the bathroom, right!?
They wanted to end the evening all green as well, so *as I had decided NOT to cook*, we had ramen noodles *with green food coloring*, green beans, and green milk. For dessert I had some white chocolate fondue chips, so I melted them and added a few drops of food coloring and we dipped strawberries in it. YUM!
What fun:) Here are pics from breakfast....I forgot to take pics of everything else.



I finally have pics of the kids new beds! I had them built, and it took longer than expected because of the nasty weather and a series of other reasons :), but they are HERE! I haven't painted them yet, so you're seeing them in their natural form. I'm going to paint them white, but am just a bit too lazy to do them just yet. I love love looooove them....thanks to Duane for building them~and before any of you ask....these are a once in a lifetime, limited edition set of beds. He's not building anymore:) HA!


Green eggs and ham

Last week the kids celebrated Dr Suess's birthday at school. After a week of making red and white striped hats, big red bow ties, wearing silly socks, reading nothing BUT Dr Suess *at home and at school*, they topped their week off by eating the traditional green eggs and ham. Bub's teacher made it for them on Friday, and he loved it so much that he came home and begged me to make it for him the next morning for breakfast. Always one to try and have more fun in the kitchen, I made them and the kids helped! They didn't look very appetizing, but these eggs were so good! All we did was scramble them, add salt and pepper and shredded ham, added 2 drops of green food coloring, and cooked them in a frying pan! Easy breezy and the kids had fun doing it~

My kitchen deco

I am posting these as promised, so a friend.....far away....can see what my new kitchen is looking like. Hopefully Casey will get to visit me this summer and see it up close:)

I love vintage kitchen deco. I was THRILLED beyond belief this week when I picked up the flyer for Michaels to see that their vintage deco was on sale! YIPEE! Now, the yellow kitchen that I thought we made a huge boo-boo on, has become my favorite room in my house. I sort of just hung everything up and will add more things later. But for now, I am content because my walls are no longer bare!! I am looking for cute nails to hang them on. Think I should invent decorative nails for those things that you JUST can't hide a nail behind...lol!

All I can say is....don't you wish your kitchen was HOT like mine!?