When I found out that I was pregnant with a boy over 5 years ago, I was horrified. Growing up as the only girl in a family of all very much 100% boys, you'd think I would know what to expect and what to do with a boy, but you'd be wrong. I spent most of the pregnancy fretting over what I would DO with him! How do I play cars? How would I play pretend city demolition? HOW would I relate to a BOY?

Brooke was easy breezy. She's been a diva since day one. VERY much the girly girl. There was never a question as to what to do with her. Spoil her, doll her up, give her what she wants, and give her all of your attention. Like any diva, she was happy with all of the above. Granted, "All of the above" was easier when there was only one, but I have to give her credit and say that she adjusted well:)

Now my boy surprised me. He was a little fusspot the first few months of his life....but we soon discovered that it was due to tummy troubles. After we fixed that, he was the BEST baby ever! He was always content to play on his own. He was ABLE to play on his own and be happy. He didn't have to be the center of attention at all times, better yet, he actually preferred to be left alone. He was content to give all the glory to his high maintenance sister.

After those first 3 months of his early life, I began to detect a change.....in ME. Somehow, this little bit of a boy that had made me so nervous before he was even here....began to wrap bits of me around his pinky finger. Until one day, 5 and a half years later, I find myself smiling a bit bigger when he hugs me. I find myself getting that warm and fuzzy feeling when he wraps himself around my legs as I am cooking dinner. When he says "I wuv you mommy", I feel as if I am the most important person in the world...and to him, I know I am:) He is ALL momma's boy and he knows that he can get away with just about anything with just a crinkling of eyes over those sweet freckled cheeks.

Such a sweet little boy I have.

Imagine my shock last Saturday as I was standing in line at Victoria's Secret....I hear this muffled laugh and glance over my shoulder to see this man and his wife/girlfriend trying to cover their laughter with their hands......then I turn to find my sweet little boy with his arms wrapped around a poster of a Victorias Secret model and his lips are pressed to her bare stomach. The line was no shorter than 10 people long and I still had a 10 minute wait ahead of me. What to do.....here is my sweet freckle face BABY making out with a paper doll.

so I did what any other self respecting mother would do....and blamed it on his father

"Boys......he's just like his dad....and he's making him proud"

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