golf buddies

you may not know this, but I have known my husband since I was about 8 years old. We went to church together and he even "dated" my best pal Beth for a short while when they were kids. She use to love to tell me how he'd send her up the tree first just so he could stare up her skirt...he denies it, but it's still funny thinking of those two at that age climbing trees together, Brandon as sneaky then as he is now:) I spent MANY a Sunday afternoon watching him and our friends play football, baseball, and basketball. You wouldn't think by looking at my hubby, who is not the huskiest guy in the world, that he would truly enjoy playing these sports, but trust me, he does....and he jumps in with more force and more gutso than men twice his size:) He's always been that way.....even going so far to jump in a boxing ring with a guy quadruple his size AND put a nice hurting on him...something about speed??lol

Anyhow, because of his lung condition (spontaneous pnemothorax, which he had surgery to repair last summer, but it still gives him trouble) he can't play these contact or high energy sports as much as he use to. This hasn't stopped him from keeping on track sports wise......he has found a new hobby that is apparently just as addictive for him as the other sports that he's had to give up in the past few years.

GOLF. He started playing about 2 and a half years ago and the obsession has grown. He's gotten very good *although I swear I jinx him b/c everytime I play WITH him, he sucks!* and he loves the sport. Bub got a set of clubs back in November and Brandon is just going crazy to get him into lessons. He plays at least 2 times a week, most weeks 3, and he is always asking me and the kiddos to tag along with him. I usually beg off, claiming that I have a headache or simply have too much to do, but this week I decided to go:) So we bundled up the kids took off to CrickenTree:) We had a great afternoon.....I spent a lot of my time kicking up mud in the golf cart....the kids had a blast running up and down the hills.....and for once, Brandon played pretty well even though I was with him:)

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